May’s Election Maelstrom

At the time that Theresa May made her statement in front of Downing Street with opinion polls hovering around a 20 point lead to the Conservatives few could have predicted how this election campaign could have played out to a point now where one recent YouGov poll shows the gap as close as 5 points […]

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A note on friends (and not the TV show…)

I’ll state right away that I am thinking of a few people in particular whilst writing the majority of this article. People who have all made a major impact on my life, people who have helped morph me into who I am today and who I am privileged enough to call my friends. Whether I […]

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Alex G – Bones

Alex is absolutely amazing. I’ve been following her since her first covers on YouTube. I’m so pleased for her that she has made it to be able to release not only this original single but beyond that, an album. Her voice is truly amazing and I haven’t disliked something she has done yet and I […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Seven Months In

I can’t believe that I’m already seven months into using my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Just to give an idea of the specs, it is a 5.7″ full HD display. It carries a 2.3GHz quad-core processor with 3GB of RAM. It also packs a 13MP camera capable of 1080p and 4K video recording. The phone […]

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