The Nightly Show – An opening night review

The US talk show format is one that hasn’t particularly translated well to the UK. Save for a couple of shows such as the Graham Norton Show on the BBC or the Jonathan Ross Show on ITV which feature key scheduling differences, such shows tend not to last on our airwaves for very long. In […]

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Alex G – Bones

Alex is absolutely amazing. I’ve been following her since her first covers on YouTube. I’m so pleased for her that she has made it to be able to release not only this original single but beyond that, an album. Her voice is truly amazing and I haven’t disliked something she has done yet and I […]

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Xbox One – Six Months In

I am now six month in to my next-gen experience, so now is a good time to evaluate how it has been. I always was a PlayStation guy. I had the original PlayStation, then the PS2 and the PS3 but when my PS3 broke, I switched platforms to Xbox 360 for two reasons – Kinect […]

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Good Morning Britain – my new breakfast staple

As a student, my current timetable has me with 9am starts for Monday-Wednesday and even through Thursday/Friday I wake up early-ish anyway. For a long time Sky News’ Sunrise was my morning show of choice – mainly due to the time before BBC1 had HD simulcast and Sky News was HD. Now though, in my […]

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