Reflecting on the fallout

Do we really want to remember the referendum for its fallout and scenes like the one above? Overall though, the fallout is playing a big part of my memories of what was a glorious demonstration of democracy in action. I expressed in my previous post my disappointment at having to address allegations of vote rigging […]

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Scotland Votes No

Yesterday, Scotland answered the biggest constitutional question asked of it in over 300 years and did so resoundingly. 84.59% of the electorate turned out. At the end of the day though, Scotland rejected independence with the ‘No’ campaign winning with 55.3% of the vote and by 10.6%. Of the 32 councils that declared their results […]

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It’s Decision Time

We’re just five days away from the biggest constitutional question asked in Scotland in over 300 years. Scotland is being asked a question that if answered ‘Yes’ changes the fundamental constitutional makeup of not just Scotland but also of the United Kingdom as a whole. The implications of a Yes vote would be massive and […]

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