Another Scottish University Says No


This past week, students of the University of Aberdeen voted against independence in a mock referendum ahead of the referendum on Scottish independence on 18th September 2014. This was the latest in a string of mock referendums falling against the Yes campaign.

As much of a result this is for the Better Together campaign, I still believe that the final result will be much closer. The closer to the referendum we get, the more I believe that the campaign will get more emotional on both sides and people may start voting on passion and pride rather than facts and reality. All indications thus far point to Scotland staying part of the UK but that is most definitely not certain and I expect a much closer result come September.


One thought on “Another Scottish University Says No

  1. It’s astonishing, isn’t it…they must be too busy studying (which is a good thing) to be listening to the case for Yes. Hopefully come the summer recess they will avail themselves of the positive argument for independence.

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