Now the dust has settled… – Election 2017: A Review

It was a bruising 7 week campaign. For weeks politicians and journalists alike took punch after punch in an effort to create a new Parliament and for Theresa May, a Conservative majority for a mandate for her unrepentent approach to Brexit. At the stroke of 10pm on June 8th it became apparent that that would not […]

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The Cult of Corbyn

Two years ago, Jeremy Corbyn seemed like the most unlikely of political leaders and certainly the most unlikely of Prime Ministers. His previous close relationship with the IRA along with some of his previous comments on defence and terrorism raised questions in an instant relating to his suitability to be Prime Minister. Despite all of […]

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May’s Election Maelstrom

At the time that Theresa May made her statement in front of Downing Street with opinion polls hovering around a 20 point lead to the Conservatives few could have predicted how this election campaign could have played out to a point now where one recent YouGov poll shows the gap as close as 5 points […]

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They think it’s all over… It is now

Thanks to a very close friend that I don’t see anywhere enough of for the inspiration to write this piece It doesn’t quite feel real yet. 4 years of long and hard study. Many days and evenings in the library and nights staring at a word processor. After all of this, on Tuesday just after 12pm […]

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